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Katrina Rae Music

JOURNEY: Country Christian Music - This distinctive album has a soft country flavor as Katrina returns to her country music roots. It’s like coming home to a warm fire in a cozy room. The songs are inspired and positive, each with the perfect message to help the listener on their journey through life. Album contains three award winning songs including UCMVA 2002 Song of the Year: Best Of All Loves. Katrina’s easy country style appeals to everyone so if you like great music, easy listening or just good ole country... this album is for you! CD: $12.97 - MP3 Album: $9.99 - MP3 Single Song: $.99

TOUCH: Contemporary Christian Praise and Worship - This album must have been named for its emotional impact! Katrina chose songs that she liked to sing for herself for this great album of worshipful songs. From first to last, these songs bring a flood of peace and warmth to your faith walk and are absolutely beautiful in music, vocal and message. Enjoy the deep peacefulness of these ten beautiful praise and worship songs. Nominated 2004 Praise/Worship Album of the Year. CD: $12.97 - Album MP3: $9.99 - Single Song MP3: $.99

MENDED: Southern Gospel with a soft Country Sound - This is a wonderful album full of energy yet deeply impacting. Katrina sings top Southern Gospel songs redone in a country style. The songs are strong and pertinent to our everyday life and yet are uplifting and positive. Too many great songs on this CD to have a favorite! Everybody loves this album from Track One through to Track Twelve. Contains "I Call It Home", 2010 UCMVA Country Song Of The Year. CD: $12.97 - Album MP3: $9.99 - Single Song MP3: $.99

MESSENGER: Contemporary Chrisitan - Fresh! Perky! Strong! These are the words to describe Katrina Rae’s Messenger album. The upbeat songs with their positive messages will help you be ready to face the rigors of the day full of confidence while the ballads remind you of our mission in life and round out this album of ten great songs. Katrina’s strong and smooth voice is perfect for these songs. No doubt about it... This album will help you in your daily walk of faith while pitting a spring to your step and a smile on your face. Nominated 2002 Contemporary Album of the Year. CD: $12.97 - Album MP3: $9.99 - Single Song MP3: $.99

GROWING: Contemporary Christian - Using the title of her album as a guide, Katrina has chosen songs that help us with daily issues and help give us courage to push forward in a secular world until we meet Jesus. Every song gives absolute direction for our daily living while bringing hope to those feeling beaten down by life. Nominated UCMVA’s 2001 Contemporary Album of the Year. This powerful album of ten songs will impact you deeply. From its unique contemporary sound to its powerful messages... this is a must have CD. CD: $12.97 - Album MP3: $9.99 - Single Song MP3: $.99

IN CONCERT: Contemporary Christian - Recorded during an actual concert, this album is absolutely packed with beautifully orchestrated and very dynamic songs. Best of all, this album catches the wonderful talent and passion of Katrina as she sings before her audience and shares with them her faith walk and gift of voice. If you’ve seen Katrina in concert you will definitely want to have this album. And if you haven’t had that opportunity, this album will give you a taste of Katrina’s fantastic talent. Contains “We Shall See Him As He Is” Nominated 2006 Song of the Year CD: $12.97 - Album MP3: $9.99 - Single Song MP3: $.99

PASSION WALK MEDITATION: Spoken Word - This 35 minute long spoken word CD is a beautiful and moving meditation on the Passion of Jesus. Enter the gates of Jerusalem and witness the trial, the scourging, the crowning with thorns, the crucifixion, Jesus’ death on the cross and the laying of Jesus in the tomb. Katrina uses the Seven Words from the Cross, the Stations of the Cross and historic content to take you through the day of our Lord’s Passion. This is such a spiritual meditation that you will actually feel like you are there. UCMVA 2005 Spoken Word Album Of The Year. Contains Bonus Song: We Shall See Him As He Is.

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