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An uplifting day of step by step examination that helps the attendees identify the different areas of their lives where they need to reconcile themselves with God and deepen their commitment to their faith.

There are six sessions. The first five sessions encompass five themes:

1)  Physical:  Is God’s love filtered through our physical limitations?
2)  Relationships: Do our relationships increase or decrease our Christian walk?
3)  Emotions:  Do we use our emotions in a Christ like way?
4)  Faith:  Are we growing in our faith or just wandering through?
5)  Commitment:   How do we give our time and talent to God as a part of our commitment to faith?
During each of these five sessions there are small group discussions that help attendees grow through faith sharing as well as get to know each other. 

Session Six:  Journey to the Cross: (Begins in Social Hall and Ends in Church)
This is a moving meditation on the Passion of Jesus. At the end of the meditation all attendees silently process from the social hall to the main sanctuary.  In the sanctuary there is time for each person to self examine and to contemplate before the cross.  The retreat ends with a special individual blessing for each attendee given by the priest(s) and/or deacon(s).

This is a very spiritually rewarding day.  It is interactive and not a "sit and listen" type experience.  Attendees love it!