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Concert On Evangelization


A beautiful presentation of song, music, witness and teaching.  Katrina sings and shares from her life as a wife, a mother of five children and just a regular woman dealing with the rigorous challenges of life.  The concert addresses three main themes:

1) Prayer and a personal relationship with God.
2) Healing of life's pain.
3) Our call to serve God and to use our gifts to His Glory.

The concert also has a segment especially dedicated to children. 

The concert is presented in a very professional manner using contemporary Christian songs to augment the theme of discussion.  Recorded music tracks are used for accompaniment.  A slide presentation and special lighting enhance the talks and songs.  People of all ages truly enjoy and are ministered to through this wonderfully spiritual and artistic presentation. The concert lasts about 90 minutes and is for the entire family.  All the equipment needed for the concert is provided by the ministry.  The concert is best delivered in the main worship center.